Q-Skin Science Forti 5 60 capsules




Forti 5 Hair Dietary Supplement has been developed by leading European and US dermatologists. It can enhance natural hair growth and might help people suffering from various hair loss conditions. Particularly Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA)-with-50-80% of both men and women affected-was the main focus of the research team behind Forti 5. However, our studies show that Forti 5 could also be of benefit for other hair loss problems and can further improve hair growth overall. During clinical study hair growth improvement has been demonstrated in both-hair diameter (i.e. increase of hair thickness) and hair count. Forti 5 formula combines important ingredients that have been shown to reduce hair growth/reduce hair loss. The ingredients work simultaneously as they help for: (1). Hair-growth stimulation (Green Tea Extract); (2). Prevention of hair-loss (Vitamin D) (3). Anti-Androgenic properties (Soy Isoflavones & Beta-Sitosterol) (4). Providing key anti-stress substances for the hair (Green Tea Extract & Soy Isoflavones) (5). Delivering anti-inflammatory substances (Green Tea Extract, Beta-Sitosterol, Soy Isoflavones).


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